Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mukherjee Project

 Today almost everyone Presented their projects and i think that everybody did a very good job but i was still disappointed that  we didn't get a grade for thisBackground- Hindu, 3 children, has written several books, first  president from Bengal, was married to Suvra Mukherjee ( died 2015 )
      Pranab Mukherjee, the 13th president of India was born December 11, 1935 in a small village in West Bengal.  President Pranab Mukherjee was asked what inspired him to join politics and become president and he said “I come from a political family. My father was a freedom fighter. He was a prominent leader of the locality and member of the Congress party. He spent 10 years in British prisons. In the evening, in our living room, the only subject we used to discuss was politics. So politics was not unfamiliar to me.”
 Following his education, which included a Master’s degree in History and Political Science, and a law degree from the University of Kolkata, Mukherjee began his professional life as college teacher and journalist. By 1969 he had left teaching and was elected to the Upper House of Parliament. He was mentored by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and eventually became Deputy Minister of many government agencies, including Minister of State for Finance.  His last role was as Leader of the Lower House of Parliament which he resigned when he decided to run for President.     
  Indians elected Mukherjee as President of the world’s largest democracy based on his  political background, his experiences, and his views on diversity. Citizens like Pranab and his ideas for the country. He talked about  “ the world is struggling to deal with the worst impulses of intolerance and hatred that mankind has ever witnessed. At such a time, there can be no better recourse than to remind ourselves of the high values, written and unwritten samskaras, duties and the way of life that is the essence of India. This is the time to reinforce the civilizational values that bind together the complex diversity of modern-day India and promote them among our people and the world,” The people of India look up to him positively and care for him. They believe his ideas are good and will help the world.
  President Mukherjee says acceptance and assimilation has defined Indian civilization. On December 1, 2015 he began “Festa De Diu”, Asia’s longest beach festival. The festival site was chosen based on the area’s mix of European, tribal, and Indian cultures. Mukherjee believes in not just the acceptance of diversity but the knowledge and understanding of different cultures and religions. He encourages safetyness within India and hopes that India can be a positive role model for the rest of the world while  currently dealing with terrorism and other terrible acts.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

HW after test

  • Mexico
Government type: federal republic
Enrique Pena Nieto
President since 2012
Image result for mexico's leader
  • China
Government Type: communist state
Xi Jinping
President of the People's Republic
Image result for china's leader
  • India
Government Type: Federal republic
Pranab Mukherjee
President of India
Image result for india's leader
  • Russia
Government type: federation
Vladimir Putin
Image result for russia's leader
  • Germany
Government type: federal republic
Angela Merkel
Chancellor of Germany
Image result for germany's chancellor
  • United Kingdom
Government type:constitutional monarchy and commonwealth realm
David Cameron
Prime Minister
Image result for united kingdom's leader
  • France
government type: republic
Francois Hollande
President of France 

  • Brazil
government type: federal republic
Dilma Rousseff
Image result for brazil's leader
  • Syria
government type: republic under authoritarian regime
Bashar Al-Assad
Image result for syria's leader
  • Canada
government type: parliamentary democracy, federation, and constitutional monarchy
Justin Tradeau
Prime Minister

  • Iraq
government type: parliamentary democracy
Fraud Masum
Image result for iraq's leader
  • Israel
government type:parliamentary democracy
Reuven Rivlin
Image result for israel's leader

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We Presented Finally!

Today in class me, Jacob, Colin, Adam, and Justin presented our projects. I think that we did okay on the project but the way we presented it was not very good. Adam was the only one that spoke which was not very smart I sort of wanted to present it definitely would have been better if I would have but I got my braces tightened and I couldn’t talk very clearly. We also made our paper into a power point that day because we figured out that mostly everybody was doing that so that’s why there was so much on one slide which I admit didn’t look very good. Elizabeth also went today she did a god job except for the fact that she had two completely different ideas. This was a little confusing and and that wasn’t the best way she could have presented her idea. Other than that she did a very good job considering that she did the project by herself.