Thursday, January 14, 2016

Free Period

We had a free period today instead of class I didn’t do much except for listen to music and talk to my friends for a bit. I stopped talking to them when Mr. Schick told us not to talk. He told us this because someone was taking the test that we did yesterday. It turns out that I got a 79 on it which isn’t too bad.


In class today we took a test it wasn’t that hard and I have confidence that I did pretty well. It was only multiple choice so that’s good we had the PowerPoint to practice from and we could watch provided to us by Mr. Schick. I studied on that for a while then I studied the morning of the test so I knew it was fresh in my mind. The actual test was on a Scantron and it wasn’t confusing. I finished pretty early and we didn’t do much after that we just sat there I listened to music and did some other homework.

Test Preparation

In class today we went over the test that’s tomorrow. The test is on the videos that we watched the other day on climate change and global warming. The firs video was 11 or 12 years old and was by national geographic the point was to show they effects of global warming like the ice ages that occur every 40000 to 100000 years. It talked about how humans are the cause of global warming because of the large amounts of co2 that we have put into the air via cars, large factories and the burning of fossil fuels especially coal because its so cheap. The second video used a more accurate term climate change we used this because rising temperatures is not the only consequence. Bill Nye was in this video and he describes the subject very well. The polar ice caps have been melting and just recently they have lost over 400000000000 or 2 by 2 miles.