Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stop ISIS Ideas

We think we should keep air striking ISIS with ground forces helping identify targets. We should also stop the flow of immigrants and stop the flow of there resources. I think every country should have a certain number of troops they have to put in Iraq and Syria. We should tighten up security in major U.S. cities and other Major cities in the world. If we shut down the borders in Syria and Iraq and keep ISIS contained, then they could not spread as fast. If we cut off their resources, they can't get weapons, food, or most importantly oil. It will be a long hard fight, but will the worlds help, we can do it. An alternate plan is that we could or rather social media should take down any type of Isis material that sends a bad message or encourages violence in any way because they often use these to send messages. Twitter has actually done a good job with this as they successfully remove 2000 accounts but there are still many types of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook that could do more.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Classwork Review and Sad Syrian Refugee Video

Today we looked over the classwork that we did on the blog from last Thursday. The questions were related to what we were learning and they gave me a little insight on the religions. Kirstin was chosen to ask the questions from Thursday to the class so we could answer.  After that we watched a sad video on Syrian refugees. The video was very short and it took us through a year of this girls life as she transitions from a happy girl with a home and a full family to a sad separated family with no home. They did this through small clips showing the girl on her birthday and how happy she was until the war is getting close to her and everything gets progressively worse after that from her losing her father to her not having much to eat and to being completely homeless then its her birthday again and a woman I think it was her grandmother gives her a tiny cake and the girl just looks sad and broken inside. This definitely opened up my eyes and that was the point of the video.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Today in class we finished taking about the 5 religions we were talking about. So Judaism is most popular in Israel but is in a lot of places they are a very discriminated religion and with numbers only as high as 14 to 18 million which would be much higher without the discrimination. So the people of this religion are Jews and they are the third Abrahamic religion. The main difference form Christianity is the belief that the messiah has not yet come their Jesus isn’t here. The second difference is that they have way more rules to follow to stat pure and go to heaven and they have a lot of rules even for how to eat. The reason Jews are so discriminated against and the reason that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis was because they have one god and they live all over the word in places that believe in a lot of gods.