Thursday, October 29, 2015

NOVA Video Finished and Recent Event in China

Today was actually pretty cool because for the first time in decades there is a new rule in china that you can have two children in china even though the two Chinese people in our class cheated the system and had other siblings by paying and by living with his grandma or something like that. In class today we also finally finished the NOVA video that took up so many days in class. The information was all good and interesting we learned how the TFR could effect the countries in the future. There are also many cases where woman in Africa attempt abortion illegally. You pointed out to us that the greater part of the video was from the point of view of woman and they tried to involve as many women as possible showing that women are trying to become more equal citizens of countries. The video talks about that if we use our gifts and skills we can change the world.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kiva Extra Credit Project

Kiva is an incredible probably the best non-profit organization that helps to loan money to others in need. Their mission is to connect people through lending to alleviated poverty. Kiva only asks for 25 dollars to lend to a person in need and its not even a big risk there is only about a 1.5 chance that you wont get your money back. Kiva makes sure to get the microloans to the desires person and makes sure that you get your money back. Kiva has 1,347,705 lenders as of right now and has a 98.47% repayment value which is very very impressive especially due to the large amount of people. They do what they do because they believe that everyone has the power to create opportunity for themselves and others. Kiva is the kindest and most efficient non-profit organization ever they don’t even take a cut of the money you loan. Your money goes through one of the five microfinance institutions who administer the loans in the field they rely on the 450 volunteers who work for the field partners. Overall Kiva is set out to make the world a better place with more opportunities.

            My first choice and the one I ended up choosing to make the microloan to was the Sairam Group in India. India is a country that sadly is consumed by HIV mostly in the poorer places which Santosini is a part of. They needed an 1850-dollar loan to purchase a water pump, seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides for a member of the group whose name is Santosini. The whole group of 10 people is below the poverty line but Santosini is very active at the age of 27 with 2 kids a daughter of 18 months and a son of 7 years who is just starting school and 2 Jobs. She works at the Integrated Child Development Scheme project and another job as a Vegetable cultivator. Her husband unlike the husbands in the NOVA video is a kind cheerful vegetable farmer. She also hopes that in the future she can build a house for her family and to get a better education for her family.  I gave them 25 dollars so now the 150 dollars left over is now 125 and is 93 percent funded. She is so so close to being funded and I hope that she can make it.

            My second choice which I did not choose to make a microloan to was the Mangala Group. This group was formed in 2013 in the Balangir district, Odisha, India which The district has a population of 1,335,760 (2001 census) which is probably much higher by now and is in need of many improvements to catch up with the rest of the districts in India. Padmini is a 45-year-old living with her husband and two sons. She is asking for 3075 dollars and is 23% funded leaving 2359 dollars to go as of now. She wants the money to hopefully purchase two cows for her dairy business of which she has been part of for the last eight years. Her family’s whole business earns a monthly income of 6000 INR and she hopes that Kiva will Improve her business through the loaning process. She hopes that the cows will bring in more profit and will give her the money to expand the dairy business and she hopes to save money for her future needs with the profit earned from the cows. I know I didn’t make a donation too Padmini but I certainly hope that she will be fully loaned and will make money on her investment.

Kenya Population

Today we watched the NOVA video on population again and we are almost done but this time it mostly talked about Kenya. Its awful haw bad people down their have it. For the first time ever Kenya and its death rates are actually increasing. The rise in death rates is caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) which is a disease that causes you to lose the ability to fight off illnesses by messing with your immune system so a person that has HIV could actually just get a cold and die. This is really bad in Kenya because the people in Kenya don’t have that much money so the women often resort to prostitution and then when they get HIV they cause every other person they sell themselves to to get that disease. This has caused the age group near the age of 25 to violently decrease while the age group of 60 is actually higher in population there.