Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We Presented Finally!

Today in class me, Jacob, Colin, Adam, and Justin presented our projects. I think that we did okay on the project but the way we presented it was not very good. Adam was the only one that spoke which was not very smart I sort of wanted to present it definitely would have been better if I would have but I got my braces tightened and I couldn’t talk very clearly. We also made our paper into a power point that day because we figured out that mostly everybody was doing that so that’s why there was so much on one slide which I admit didn’t look very good. Elizabeth also went today she did a god job except for the fact that she had two completely different ideas. This was a little confusing and and that wasn’t the best way she could have presented her idea. Other than that she did a very good job considering that she did the project by herself.

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