Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stop ISIS Ideas

We think we should keep air striking ISIS with ground forces helping identify targets. We should also stop the flow of immigrants and stop the flow of there resources. I think every country should have a certain number of troops they have to put in Iraq and Syria. We should tighten up security in major U.S. cities and other Major cities in the world. If we shut down the borders in Syria and Iraq and keep ISIS contained, then they could not spread as fast. If we cut off their resources, they can't get weapons, food, or most importantly oil. It will be a long hard fight, but will the worlds help, we can do it. An alternate plan is that we could or rather social media should take down any type of Isis material that sends a bad message or encourages violence in any way because they often use these to send messages. Twitter has actually done a good job with this as they successfully remove 2000 accounts but there are still many types of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook that could do more.

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