Monday, October 26, 2015

Japan and India

Today in class we watched a video on Japan and mostly India. The beginning of the video was mostly on japan and how the population is dropping very very fast. Their total Fertility Rate is 1.5 because they don’t want to bring kids into a world that they think is terrible but is only going to get worse because of their falling economy. Their population is actually expected to drop in half because of the low amount of kids brought into the world. 1 out of every three people that live in India are retired and they don’t have the necessary amount of people to fill those jobs. The northern part of India was the major majority of the video unlike its southern counterpart north India is very developing and traditional which has made it very hating of woman and not respecting of them. They have even engaged in something called bride burning which is something that the husband does when he is no satisfied with what the bride does and does not do. 1 in every 10 kids die before they are 5. Arranged marriage is when the parents decide this occurs 95 percent of the time. India has a lot of awful traditions that don’t make any sense.

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