Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kiva and Test Review

Today in class the first thing we did was look over our tests. This is not my best test I did very bad on the first part and I did good on the second part. If it wasn’t for the first part and world factbook I would have done a lot better. So the second thing we did in class was was talking about our extra credit project. The extra credit project is about something called Kiva. Kiva is a charity or organization that loans money to different people around the world.  So the extra credit is that we have to write a well written essay about what kiva is and what its about. When we are finished the essay we should find a good person that needs a loan and you can make a 25 dollar or more donation then you get 5 more points and if your class has the most donations then you get 5 more points so you can get a total of 15 more points and I need that.

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