Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Japan and India 2

Today in class what we learned in the video yesterday. After we reviewed we continued to watch the extremely sad video. Its weird because women often wait till they are older till they have children and they usually only have one. They usually only have one because they focus o their career more. We learned about the worlds first female news anchor and she told us that she waited because she had a time consuming job and when she had a child she realized that she had to keep the kid in daycare for 13 hours a day and that her job is unpredictable. Because the economy is so low that means that they don’t get paid that much and when they don’t get paid that much they can’t afford that much and that means they cant afford a baby. Their population wont increase at all because of them only having a TFR of 1.5 but also because then don’t allow immigration.

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