Monday, October 5, 2015

TFR and CIA World Factbook

We reviewed What TFR is in class today. The TFR is total fertility rate. It’s the number that if it’s below 2.1 the population decreases and when it’s above it increases. The .1 is sadly from the infants and children dying. The TFR is 2.42 in the world so the population is increasing. In many places even the poorest places mostly the TFR is very high because the woman knows she wont have a long life so many women have almost 7 children the main example is Nigeria. In japan it is 1.4 due to the belief that the world is at a low point and they sort of are digging a deeper pit for themselves because this is making their economy go down a lot. We also talked about CIA World Factbook which is very cool because you can look up any country in the whole world and it will give a specific percentage of what their religions are and a lot of other interesting things including TFR.

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