Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nike and Indonesia

Today in class we watched a video and talked about the Nike factories in Indonesia. The man in the video was offered a job as coach at the biggest catholic soccer school in the country and the school was offered a Nike sponsorship worth a lot of money. Tis made the coach look into and eventually go to Indonesia with a woman to live in those conditions. The workers in Indonesia make only a $1.25 an hour and under $10 a week. This is truly sad that they can’t even get the things they need to keep themselves healthy. If they need medicine than they need to cut out many meals. On top of that they live in a 9 by 9-foot building sharing the bathroom with many people and the waste goes outside right next to the sidewalk to get to the Nike factory. This isn't just Nike doing this this is pretty much every large brand. If the people of Indonesia protest, then Nike threatens to leave and set up a factory somewhere else leaving them with nothing. Nike has the money to help them but instead they give million dollar sponsorships to big athletes. Nike should raise the amount of money they give them just so they can stay healthy and well.

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