Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ancient Greece Extended and wifi trouble

So today in class was a review on what we learned yesterday with an extra few details. I learned that 508 B.C. was the first time in history that the people revolted against their leader creating democracy which was also a first too. We also went into more depth about the Socratic Method. Mr. Schick explained it to us using a example. He Kept asking a student questions over and over again so he could get their passion out about the subject and to see how they truly feel on the subject. I think its an amazing method it works very well. We talked about Socrates and his trial too. I was surprised to hear that he had a jury of 500 people. The jury was split in half and he sadly only lost by about 12 votes. He was then forced to drink hemlock which i learned was a very painful very awful way to die. 

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