Monday, September 14, 2015

Review Before Test

Today we talked a lot about Socrates and we went into more depth about his life. We also went over some old terms like agora and polis. An agora is a central meeting place and a market in a Greek city-state. You could get anything there that’s why lots of Greeks didn't travel. We talked about Socrates early life today we learned that he was a stone mason. Which is new information. He fought in the Peloponnesian war and he was a very popular war hero. Because he was close too the common man people say he had a better view at that life and he understood them. People respected him and that’s why he was successful in life. He was a philosopher and he taught using his method the Socratic method which was a successful way of getting out what a person thinks in true extent. This method inspired the scientific method which is a way of proving a hypothesis by asking questions and experimenting. Socrates sadly was forced to commit suicide by hemlock poison because he dissed the gods. But his method and his knowledge will forever live on.

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