Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ancient Greece

Areté is an ancient Greek word for excellence of any kind. You must have moral virtue, you must fulfill your purpose or function. But it mostly means you should live up to your full potential. Areté involves all of the abilities and potentialities available to humans. All human abilities are derived from knowledge. The Agora was a central Greek city state. Polis is a city state in ancient Greece, in its ideal for philosophical purposes especially as considered. In 508 B.C. democracy began in Athens.  We still use this term today meaning 'ruled by people'. This was often said to be one of their greatest ideas. Socrates was one of the most powerful, intriguing, annoying, inspiring, widely known philosophers and yet was the most misunderstood. He was born in 470 B.C. and died in 399 B.C. by forced suicide because he chose not to believe in the Greek gods. He was forced to drink the poison hemlock when his defense didn't sway the jury. Socratic Method is a form of query and discussion between individuals. Idiot in Greek means a private person or a someone who's interested in politics.

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